Legacy Geographies

The Butler Conservation Fund has designated as “legacy geographies” six areas that have deep personal significance for the founder and are distinguished by their natural beauty, their ecological significance, and the opportunities they offer for healthy outdoor recreation. BCF is committed to long-term investment in the protection of these special places. 

BCF’s legacy geography in upstate New York embraces three distinct areas: the Black River Valley and Tug Hill Plateau, immediately to the west of the Adirondack Park, an area where the founder’s ancestors settled more than two centuries ago; the park itself, a six-million-acre wilderness of forests, streams, and lakes that was placed under permanent protection by the New York State legislature in 1904; and the Shawangunk Ridge, 80 miles north of New York City, an area of spectacular natural beauty which BCF’s founder first encountered as a high-school student on a rock-climbing expedition.